Vee Belts & Pulleys

Vee Belts & Pulleys are used to transfer power from the driving component such as a motor or geared motor to the application. Applications include conveyor systems, crushers, compressors, process lines and general speed reduction.  We can also assist in drive design and provide software and tools to assist with belt tensioning if required.  BIS stock a large range of industrial and agricultural vee belts and pulleys.


How To Measure Standard Belts

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Belts are not measured by diameter not folding the belt in half.  The most accurate way to measure the circumference of a belt is with a measuring tool or using a cloth tape measure (Not a steel tape measure).  An additional option is to wrap a small diameter string/rope around the belt, then measure the string length.  Keep in mind belts do stretch and unfortunately there is no specific value that a belt stretches.

Measuring for standard A,B,C,D,E,AX,BX & A, B Kevlar Section V Belts:

A Section=1/2" Wide
B Section=5/8" Wide
C Section=7/8" Wide
D Section=1-1/4" Wide
E Section=1-1/8" Wide
AX Section= 1/2" Wide
BX Section= 5/8" Wide
All A,B,C,D,E,AX,BX belts have the inside circumference measurement after the letter of the part number.  Then the outside circumference will be different according to what section you need. This is also the same for the banded belts.  Measure each individual band for banded belts to obtain the correct width.
Outside Circumference per section:
A= Add 2" to belt number (Example: A88 = 90" Outside Circumference)
B= Add 3" to belt number (Example: B88 = 91" Outside Circumference)
C= Add 4" to belt number (Example: C88 = 92" Outside Circumference)
D= Add 5" to belt number (Example: D105 = 110" Outside Circumference)
E= Add 6" to belt number (Example: E144 = 150" Outside Circumference)
AX= Add 2" to belt number (Example: AX60 = 62" Outside Circumference)
BX= Add 3" to belt number (Example: BX50 = 53" Outside Circumference)

Measuring for standard SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC:

SPZ = 10mm Top Width
SPA = 13mm Top Width
SPB = 17mm Top Width
SPC = 22mm Top Width
XPZ = 10mm Top Width
XPA = 13mm Top Width
XPB = 17mm Top Width
XPC = 22mm Top Width
All sections SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC  belts have the pitch (centre line of belt) circumference after the letters.  To determine the pitch length measure the outside circumference and subtract the values listed below (Applies to both standard and cogged):
SPZ = Minus 13mm from outside circumference (Example: 2013mm outside circumference = SPZ2000)
SPA = Minus 18mm from outside circumference (Example: 2018mm outside circumference = SPA2000)
SPB = Minus 22mm from outside circumference (Example: 2022mm outside circumference = SPB2000)

SPC = Minus 30mm from outside circumference (Example: 2030mm outside circumference = SPC2000)

Measuring for standard 2L,3L,3V,5V,8V,3VX,5VX & 3L Kevlar V-Belts:

2L= 1/4" Wide
3L= 3/8" Wide
3V= 3/8" Wide
5V= 5/8" Wide
8V= 1" Wide
3VX= 3/8" Wide
5VX= 5/8" Wide
All sections 2L,3L,3V,5V,8V,3VX,5VX belts have the outside circumference after the number and letter(s).  Inside circumference are not measured for these sections.  This is also for the banded belts.  Measure each individual band for banded belts to obtain the correct width.
Outside Circumference per section:
2L= (Example 2L350 = 35" Outside Circumference)
3L= (Example 3L450 = 45" Outside Circumference)
3V= (Example 3V800 = 80" Outside Circumference)
5V= (Example 5V1180 = 118" Outside Circumference)
8V= (Example 8V2120 = 212" Outside Circmuference)
3VX= (Example 3VX520 = 52" Outside Circumference)
5VX= (Example 5VX810 = 81" Outside Circumference)

Measuring J,K,L,M Micro Rib Belts:

J= 0.092" X's the number of ribs
K= 0.140" X's the number of ribs
L= 0.185" X's the number of ribs
M= 0.370" X's the number of ribs
All sections J,K,L,M belts will have the outside circumference in front of the letter.  The rib count will be the number after the letter.
Outside Circumference & Rib Count per section:
J= (Example 480J6 = 48" Outside Circumference and 6 Ribs) 
K= (Example 845K8 = 84.5" Outside Circumference and 8 Ribs)
L= (Example 540L10 = 54" Outside Circumference and 10 Ribs)
M= (Example 940M6 = 94" Outside Circumference and 6 Ribs)