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Loctite Freeze & Release
Loctite Freeze & Release

BIS stock a large range of adhesives.  Our primary supplier is EAL adhesives.  We stock a full range or Cyanoacrylate and  Anaerobic adhesives along with primers and specialty products.

Anaerobic adhesives

Cyberbond anaerobic adhesives were developed to maximize efficiency and minimize the need for machinery maintenance in your facility. Curing on metal substrates in the absence of oxygen, the Cyberbond line of adhesives are designed to deliver metal-to-metal bonds that are resistant to shock and vibration. Cyberbond has an extensive platform of chemistries and viscosities to expand the range of bonding applications.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Cyberbond cyanoacrylate adhesives, also known as “super glues” or “instant adhesives” due to their extraordinary adhesion profile, are one component, solvent free, very fast setting adhesives. These cyanoacrylates polymerize within seconds due to the presence of a weak base, such as surface moisture, and will bond well to a wide range of substrates. Using our solid technical and manufacturing resources, we are continuously developing our cyanoacrylate adhesives to guarantee consistent results that are cost effective.